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After having 5 children Teresa Smoot never thought she would be able to get her body back...but she did! Find out how Teresa lost 60 pound on the Ideal Protein Protocol, why she feels more focused than she has in years and what she thinks when she looks in the mirror!

After a serious car accident forced him into a sedentary lifestyle Wil G quickly gained 100lbs and discovered that his lifelong eating habits were not as healthy as he thought. Inspired by a friend's successful weight loss journey with Ideal Protein, Wil embarked on his own #AmazingTransformation losing 103lbs and gaining the knowledge to maintain his results.

Primary care physician Paul Wilson describes how yo-yo dieting contributed to his personal struggles with obesity and how the Ideal Protein Protocol taught him how to lose weight, eat healthier and maintain his success with a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

After a life-changing weight loss transformation with the Ideal Protein Protocol, Lynn Roos is experiencing the kind of freedom she has never felt, making her dreams come true and flying past the boundaries that once defined her life.

After losing 216 pounds on the Ideal Protein Protocol single parent Chad Lucas is teaching his children how to eat smarter and develop the habits for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Ideal Protein is a Medically Developed Lifestyle Management Protocol Designed to Help Dieters Lose Weight While Learning the Healthier Habits Needed to Sustain Weight Loss After Dieting has Ended.

Sara Mulero describes how the Ideal Protein Protocol helped provide the education she needed to live a healthy lifestyle, change her long-term relationship with food and turn her Amazing Transformation into a life's passion to help others achieve sustainable weight loss success.

After losing over 100 pounds on the Ideal Protein Protocol Julie Moreno has a new joy in her life. Now feeling like she has a second chance at life Julie is spending more time with her family, being active and using a new found confidence to take advantage of career opportunities.

Josh Kohl describes his ongoing weight loss journey with Ideal Protein and how losing over 300 pounds so far has led to a renewed dedication to healthier eating and lifestyle. Discover Josh Kohl's Amazing Transformation and why he says: "I was living but, I wasn't alive".