Make Lifestyle Changes!

Get to Your Goal Weight!

If you are looking to lose 10 to 15 or even more than 100 pounds the FASTEST way possible AND ultimately looking to implement lifestyle changes, our coaches can help!

How it Works

JTB Health Weight Loss Program - Now Available Virtually!

 JTB Health utilizes a nutrition protocol which is a simple and structured meal plan that assists your body to achieve a fat burning mode (ketosis). It is medically designed to encourage pancreas and blood sugar levels stabilization, promoting rapid fat loss while sparing muscles and other lean tissue. This nutritional ketogenic protocol provides you with specific food choices to make it easier to lose body fat. It also provides over 70 delicious gourmet flavours to fit into your busy lifestyle. JTB Health, initially and for a defined period of time, utilizes these foods to give you structure and maximize your results. Finally, JTB Health's program transitions to whole foods and focuses on a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle to maintain your results long term.


The First Step:

At JTB Health, we make sure you stay accountable and focused on the lifestyle changes important to you and your health and weight loss goals. It all starts with a Free Consultation Call with Julie to discuss health goals, weight objectives, past and current lifestyle regimes and anything else that may enlighten behaviours we could address during the program and if the protocol is the right fit for you.


The Next Step:

You will then receive an email with a health profile document to fill out. This will be reviewed by your coach as well as our licensed health care professional. Over the years, Julie Bernard and her team have seen clients with Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, PCOS, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunctions and others. If, and when applicable, we may want to work with or get clearance from your primary care physician. In certain cases, we will recommend an alternative protocol for the entire weight loss journey or simply for the first few weeks to later transition, when advised, into our regular protocol. Because our clients see rapid improvement in their health, we have the ability, with your authorization, to report your progress to your doctor. This way, they can ensure you are on the proper medications as you lose weight and regain health.

You may not experience any symptoms or comorbidities related to your weight and you might only want to lose a few pounds and that's ok! Our program is designed to help you achieve the goals important to you. 

Once your health profile is approved and you have made the commitment to yourself and to your coach to begin the journey, we will schedule an initial consultation with Julie. Now Available Virtually! 


Ongoing Support - Now Available Virtually:

There are three phases in our program. Once you begin the program, you will check in with your coach weekly. Weekly coaching will give you the tools, the education, the motivation and the accountability to reach your objectives faster than you ever imagined! Your coach is there between visits to call, message or email, and we also have a great app with daily coaching videos focused on motivation, education, recipes and fitness. By the way, exercises is not required on the protocol. However, we will certainly encourage specific participation or help you adjust your current routine to maximize your results. Our goal is to give you the knowledge to help you keep the pounds off so that this can truly be your last diet! You can expect to consistently lose between 2-5 pounds per week in the weight loss phase. During this phase, you will be consuming three of our meals per day, along with vegetables and lean protein. This phase will last until you have achieved your personal goal.  


Sustainable Results:

Once you have achieved your objective, we will transition to a stabilization phase of 2 to 8 weeks depending weight loss goals. This quick and straightforward phase will teach you to progressively reintroduced all food groups and phase out of the partial meal replacement foods.  While learning proper food combinations to set you up for easy weight maintenance, you will continue meeting with your coach weekly. During the weight loss phase, the goal was to reset your pancreas, and when applicable, take you from being insulin resistant (aka the reason we gain weight so easily) to properly processing carbs and sugars and maintain your new weight more easily.


JTB Health Maintenance Program

Lifestyle living will be about finding yourself and creating the healthy lifestyle that you and your family deserve. 

Our coaches, will continue to inspire and motivate you to find new health and fitness goals beyond weight loss. There is no vaccine against weight gain, and it's unfortunately too easy to fall back into bad habits. Staying connected to your coach once or twice a month, having a plan and being held accountable are key to keeping the weight off.

Our goal is for you to inspire your family, your friends and community to also make lifestyle changes. 

We are proud to say that if you follow all the phases of our medically backed and proven system and continue to check in during maintenance, you too can keep the weight off, for life!


How Much Does it Cost?

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The food expense is the same or a little less than  you and I are spending now on food, and most importantly, with the coaching, we will create mindfulness, improve your future nutrition choices and increase your cravings for healthy foods & lifestyle!

Education is Key!

We offer Free short Phone Consultations everyday of the week. 

Call us and get your questions answered!

We offer Free Discovery Classes weekly at each location. These 1 hour educational classes are a great way to learn how the program works what it includes and how much it costs without any commitment on your part. It is also a great way to educate your support system! We encourage you to bring your spouse a friend or family member whether or not they can benefit from losing weight and lifestyle changes. We would like everyone to attend a class!

Our participants should attend the “Phase 2 & 3 to Lifestyle Class” before reaching their objective weight. This group class is offered a few times a month.